viernes, agosto 16

ME ~1

Hi! I’m Brii and this is my first post on English. Although, probably you’re asking you why, so my answer would be that I clearly want to expend my world. Actually I think Blogger is like a world, unlike reality, we can make this world as we want to. 

 photo 7cdb71fd-2c98-4d5b-b79e-2498a94d7549_zps28f4f6a0.jpgFurther I consider to myself as a writer even when I’m unprofessional, I enjoy sharing all my thoughts, feelings and what I really am through letters which form sentences and then an attempt of something.
I can say a lot about me, my good things likewise bad things but this is unnecessary. Better I put up the perfect words which define me:
  • A girl who loves God.
  • Otaku (anime watcher).
  • K-popper.
  • Dramaholic (Dorama).
  • Food is part of me.
  • Currently reader.

An ordinary girl…